[texworks] some suggestions

ludolf at email.cz ludolf at email.cz
Mon Nov 5 21:34:32 CET 2012


I installed TeXworks (0.4.4.r.1003 from teX Live 2012 DVD, Windows 7) and I like it. I am not using all its features (yet) -- I was esentially looking for a simple front-end that enables TeXing and viewing and I am very satisfied with it. I have a few suggestions to enhance its possibilities.

1. A parameter (an analogue to $fullname) for batches giving a filename without an extension. Sometimes I need a PostScript output. I made a batch pslatex for this purpose calling latex and dvips. However, it seems that dvips needs a filename without an extension. I am using my external program for eliminating the extension, however, a direct solution would be better.

2. A possibility to ignore the internal editor. I often use my editor or generate the TeX file by some programs. It is a bit annoying to confirm that it is OK that the source file was modified. (In fact the reaction is a bit strange - usually I get the warning that the file was changed first, then the warnings that the file cannot be loaded, and sometimes after a couple of warnings there are no warnings at all.) It is especially useful with the "green triangle" beeing a part of the viewer menu (good idea!) -- the window with the editor might be hidden.

3. Autodetection of the input encoding of LaTeX files by the editor if a string "[<encoding>]{inputenc}" (or with "\usepackage" with possible white spaces before) is found.

4. Quick deleting of auxilliary files. E.g. by an icon (red cross?) without a confirmation (since these files are auxiliary, this does not seem to be necessary). I tried to create a hot key, but without a success.

At the cleanup-patterns in texworks-config.txt file the ".aux" should be probably replaced by "$jobname.aux" and "$jobname.pdfsync" by "$jobname.synctex.gz".


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