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I second Reinhard's statements.
However, I think maybe I can help you here straight away.

I tried to typeset a test document with the data you provided. It
seemingly ran without problems, but no citations were inserted. After
closer inspection of the log output, it turned out that BibTeX simply
hasn't found the alphadin style and hence produced no output (with
printing a message, but without stopping the whole process). Are you
sure you have that style file installed (in TeXlive, its part of the
din1505 package) in a place where BibTeX can find it? Can you run BibTeX
alone to see if it produces any errors or warnings? And have you run
LaTeX often enough to resolve all cross-references (sometimes it takes
up to 3 runs)?


PS: Once the file was installed, natbib complained that it was
incompatible with the author-year style. " \setcitestyle{numbers}"
resolved that.
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