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On 2012-08-21 09:03, Kees van der Laan wrote:
> I use plain TeX and TeXworks and am happy with it.

I'm happy to hear that :).

> I also would like to use TeXworks for my .eps files.
> When I have an.eps file with the corresponding .pdf and drop the .eps
> on the edit window then the .pdf appears.
> Editing, changing, the .eps does not yield the corresponding .pdf.
> How to obtain that?
> (Would be nice to have a menu item .eps->.pdf)

Well, you need a program that converts .eps files to .pdf files, e.g.,
epstopdf, or ghostscript. That you can bring into TeXworks by adding it
as a tool in Edit > Preferences > Typesetting. Then, you can select it
from the drop-down list in the toolbar and use Ctrl+T to run the
conversion. If that succeeds, the resulting pdf should be
displayed/updated in the previewer.
It should work just like "converting" a .tex file into a .pdf file, you
just need to run a different program than TeX ;).

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