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Gilles, Christian Christian.Gilles at ally.com
Fri Aug 17 21:40:17 CEST 2012

I'm using texworks with miktex to typeset files on windows (XP).
I have a bib file (mybib.bib) and in my tex file I have the instruction

When I put mybib.bib in the same directory as the tex file, everything is fine. But I have many tex directory and only one mybib.bib, so I want to specify a path to the bib file.  Neither (a) setting the TEXINPUTS environment variable to this path, nor (b) using edit->preferences, choosing the Typesetting tab, and adding
--include-directory=C:/Program  Files/MiKTeX 2.8/bibtex/bib/base        (that is where I put mybib.bib)
to the set of BibTeX arguments works.  What am I doing wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,

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