[texworks] "Download TeXworks" box, please test

Atri badshah400 at aim.com
Sun Dec 18 20:21:58 CET 2011


On Sun, 2011-12-18 at 14:33 +0100, Stefan Löffler wrote:
> available at
> http://web.student.tuwien.ac.at/~e0325258/projects/c/texworks/testTwDownloads/testTwDownloads.html

> It would be great if you could head over to the page mentioned above,
> and if you see the box tell me if the info in it is correct. For

>From openSUSE 12.1, using Firefox 8.0, I am able to see the box but it
only offers me "Download Sources" instead of links to suitable packages
for openSUSE. Debuginfo is pasted below...

navigator.appVersion = 5.0 (X11)
navigator.userAgent = Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:8.0)
Gecko/20100101 Firefox/8.0
navigator.appCodeName = Mozilla
navigator.appName = Netscape
navigator.platform = Linux x86_64

> Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, openSUSE, and Debian, it should provide suitable
> links. On other systems, it should provide a link to the sources. For
> Windows, Mac, and sources, it should also display "version 0.4.3" and
> the size of the file. If you see the box but the info in it is
> incorrect, please post (or send me off-list) the information given in
> the "Debug info" box, preferably along with what you would expect to see.
> Regards,
> Stefan
> PS: The "Check Getting TeXworks" link in the box doesn't work right now.
> It will work on the real webpage.
> PPS: Technical detail: the script relies on your browser's user agent
> string, so if for some reason you changed that, it does not conform to
> standards, or it does not contain the information necessary to detect
> your system, you should see "Get TeXworks Sources" and there is no way
> to avoid it. But if the user agent string contains the information, but
> it's not parsed correctly, then I'll hopefully be able to do something
> about it.

I believe it is indeed an issue with the userAgent string returned by my
system, though this is what it is on a default install of openSUSE 12.1.
I am not sure therefore if this is a bug on openSUSE's web browser or
the test page. Please let me know what you think.


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