[texworks] "Download TeXworks" box, please test

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 14:33:44 CET 2011


yesterday, I finally had an inspiration to (hopefully) solve a
long-standing problem with the Tw website. A long while ago, Jonathan
and I were discussing the possibility to provide a simple box at the top
of the page to give people quick and easy access to the (stable)
downloads of TeXworks.

Of course, all the information is somewhere on the rest of the page, and
people are encouraged to read it, but let's face it: most people reading
about a new version of Tw won't want to read the entire page to find
some small links in the middle of the page, which in turn lead to lists
on GC (a page designated for the development), etc. Unfortunately, due
to technical problems, and because we wanted to avoid having to maintain
yet another list of current downloads, that project was shelved.

Until now. Thanks to Google Gadgets, I believe I have found a way to
implement this small but useful little feature. A testing version is
available at

What you should see is a box in the upper right hand corner, which
prominently tells you something like "Get TeXworks for Ubuntu". Be
advised, though, that this box appears only on (very?) modern browsers,
as it relies on some recently added JavaScript features.

It would be great if you could head over to the page mentioned above,
and if you see the box tell me if the info in it is correct. For
Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, openSUSE, and Debian, it should provide suitable
links. On other systems, it should provide a link to the sources. For
Windows, Mac, and sources, it should also display "version 0.4.3" and
the size of the file. If you see the box but the info in it is
incorrect, please post (or send me off-list) the information given in
the "Debug info" box, preferably along with what you would expect to see.


PS: The "Check Getting TeXworks" link in the box doesn't work right now.
It will work on the real webpage.
PPS: Technical detail: the script relies on your browser's user agent
string, so if for some reason you changed that, it does not conform to
standards, or it does not contain the information necessary to detect
your system, you should see "Get TeXworks Sources" and there is no way
to avoid it. But if the user agent string contains the information, but
it's not parsed correctly, then I'll hopefully be able to do something
about it.

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