[texworks] tfm files

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 01:18:44 CET 2011

Thanks Peter,

Your thoughts were totally reasonable.

However all TeXworks does is actually shell out the file name, and
typesetting engine (pdflatex etc), and switches to be used.


On 11 December 2011 07:24, Peter Schneider <pwrschneider at netcologne.de> wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> Am 10.12.2011 04:12, schrieb Paul A Norman:
>> MiKTeX (and TeXLive another alternative) is independent of TeXworks
>> which is just a glorified text editor and interface to what ever *TeX
>> system you have on your computer.
>> The way TeXworks operates is to link in with whatever TeX system you
>> have on your computer. I'm not an official TeXworks devloper just
>> another User:)
> Thank you. I´m going to have a closer look. Now I guess I misunderstood the
> installation on my computer. I thought TeXworks is a shell and editor to
> control MikTeX.
> Ok, bye for the moment
> Peter

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