[texworks] new *experimental* builds

JP B jp.pourri at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 15:35:08 CET 2011

This (impossible to scroll with the magic mouse) is a serious problem to
me, too.

Is there a way to fix this? Would be great to be able to scroll (with old
version of the previewer, this worked, at least when the page was not
completely displayed).

I however propose the following work around, unless anyone knows anything
better: with the mouse pointer in the blue/gray scrolling bar (let say the
right one) of the previewer window, you can scroll (vertically) with one
finger on the magic mouse. If you want to scroll horizontally, you need to
have the mouse pointer in the bottom blue/gray scrolling bar.

Sorry for my english, hope this may help and thanks very much for the work:
texworks is my every-day latex tool...
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