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Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 22:21:17 CET 2011


Looking through TWApp.cpp  void TWApp::writeToMailingList()

I was wondering if Opera and more recent Windows versions were being more
strictly standards compliant than they used to be, and there for whether
 the \n line breaks in the strings needed to be encoded hex as %0d%0a and
like treatment for any other control characters?

Or are these automatically escaped through the mystique of C++ :)

And now I show my complete ignorance of C++ -   in line 532


There are only two arguments? but the QString substitutions are looking for
%1 and %3 intuitively I was expecting %1 and %2 where would %3 come from? -
but I have already expressed my ignorance so let me learn ;)


On 7 November 2011 23:59, Ignasi Furió <ignasi.furio at uib.cat> wrote:

>> There was a minor problem in the code that apparently was handled
>> gracefully on my Linux machine. That was corrected in r944 - could you
>> please test if this solved the issue on Windows?
> I use windowsxp and Opera as main browser and email client.
> After updating texworks open a email window in Opera with part of
> instructions message
> Instructions:-) Please write your message in English (it's in your own
> best interest; otherwise, many people will not be able to understand it and
> therefore will not answer).-) Please type something meaningful in the
> subject line.-) If you are having a problem, please describe it
> step-by-step in detail.-) After reading, please delete these instructions
> (up to the configuration
> and also a 'google search' page with
> info below which we may need to find the source of problems). -----
> configuration info ----- TeXworks version : 0.5r944 (personal) Install
> location : D:/texworks/texworks-read-**only/release/TeXworks.exe Library
> path : D:/Documents and Settings/uib.UIB-22C4481E24B/**TeXworks\ pdfTeX
> location : D:/Archivos de programa/MiKTeX 2.9/miktex/bin/pdftex.exe
> Operating system : Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 Qt4 version :
> 4.6.0 (build) / 4.6.0 (runtime) ------------------------------
> into search field. Funny!
> Ignasi
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