[texworks] Wishlist for TeXworks 0.4.3+

Philip TAYLOR (Webmaster, Ret'd) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Nov 2 11:29:50 CET 2011

Jonathan Kew wrote:

> For clarity. If the buttons in a confirmation dialog are labelled "Yes" and "No", the user has to read the message with more care to determine the sense of the question. In the context of closing a window, it could be "Do you want to save the changes to this file?", but it might also have been "Do you want to discard the unsaved changes to this file?", and the result of clicking "Yes" would be quite different in this case.
> Having buttons labelled explicitly with the action that will result (as in "Save" or "Don't Save") may reduce the chance of mistakenly clicking the wrong one. Of course careful users like you or I would NEVER do that (right?!), but it's possible someone in a hurry, tired and frustrated at the end of a long day's TeXing, might confuse this dialog with another one that is phrased in a different way....

I understand the logic (sort of) but from a "Human Factors Engineering"
perspective I feel that a modal question should lead only to "YES" /
"NO" answers --I genuinely find that I waste a lot of time working
out which button I need if the labelling does not correspond to
the question asked.  If "SAVE" / "DISCARD" are felt to be better
labels than "YES" / "NO" (for perfectly valid reasons), then
why not change the question to match ?  E.g/,

	"What do you want to do with your changes ?"

** Phil.

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