[texworks] Wishlist for TeXworks 0.4.3+

Philip TAYLOR (Webmaster, Ret'd) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Wed Nov 2 11:04:22 CET 2011

Paul A Norman wrote:

>     5) Setting the processing engine to (say) XeTeX should add the pragmat "% !TeX program = xetex" to the source file if it
>     does not already have such a pragmat.
> Please explain, (I have missed the point of this) -
> if you are using the Drop down to cause TeXworks to call
> for XeTeX when Typesetting, does that not then work unless
> you additionally add % !TeX program = xetex to the top of your documents?

It works, all the while the document remains open in TeXworks,
but as soon as the document is closed TeXworks "forgets" with
which engine the file was formerly associated.  If TeXworks
were to prepend the appropriate engine pragmat to the in-
buffer working copy, then when the user came to close the
buffer he would be prompted "The document ... has been modified.
Do you want to save your changes ?", and assuming that he chose
the "Yes" option (oddly called "Save", for reasons that seem to
escape me), the pragmat would automatically be inserted into
the associated file.

** Phil.

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