[texworks] Wishlist for TeXworks 0.4.3+

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Wed Nov 2 01:11:03 CET 2011

On 2 November 2011 05:31, Philip TAYLOR (Webmaster, Ret'd) <
P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk> wrote:

> Would it be possible to have a wishlist for TeXworks
> as well as one for the embedded previewer ?  If so,
> may I start the ball rolling ?
> 1) Select multiple lines, then tab, should indent selected lines.

Crtl + ]  (Shown on Format menu)

2) Select multiple lines, then shift+tab, should outdent selected lines.

Crtl + [  (Shown on Format menu)

> 3) Intermittent warnings such as "*** Warning *** ICC Profile ..." should
> not disappear without trace at end of compilation.
> 4) Intermittent warnings such as "*** Warning *** ICC Profile ..." should
> not be intermittent, and effort should
>        be expended on tracking down their cause.

Is the console output window not keeping information in there when you
scroll looking for errors at the end of Typesetting?

You can also view a summary of things in "LaTeX Errors" beside "Console
Output" generated by script at5 the end of Typesetting that I mentioned in
another posting just before.

> 5) Setting the processing engine to (say) XeTeX should add the pragmat "%
> !TeX program = xetex" to the source file  if it
>        does not already have such a pragmat.
> Please explain, (I have missed the point of this) - if you are using the
Drop down to cause TeXworks to call for XeTeX when Typesetting, does that
not then work unless you additionally add % !TeX program = xetex   to the
top of your documents?

> 'Nuff for now ?
> Philip Taylor
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