[texworks] Drop of Python scripting support

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 23:45:07 CET 2011

> I think these requirements only apply to Python distributions that are
> built using Visual Studio---since you are cross-compiling using MinGW it
> could be a moot point.

Has there been a full explanation any where as to what is achieved/avoided
through the requirement of using Visual Studio to build python?
(Seems strange that an opensource project *has* to rely on beng compiled by
closed source software to even see the light of day)
- What exactly is supposed to make a ming cross-compiled python
incorporated exe such a boggy man?

If this is real, does it affect any quantity of TeXworks exe already in the

*** Even if this is all not a really big problem, makes me think that there
needs to be a "call home" routine in TeXworks which the user can elect to
turn off if they want, that when an internet connection is available looks
for update and other messages preferably form "TeXworks developer central"
- or from distributions like MiKTeX developers - or wherever.

Even if it means that users would pester sys admins in institutional
situations to do something about such messages.

Assuming an installed version of Python, say in '/c/Python27' would be
> tricky as there could be issues between code compiled under MSVC and code
> cross-compiled using MinGW.

... Absolutely agree you can not rely on any of that - one of the purposes
of embedding in the first place...

> Plus, it is hard to know which version would be installed and I know of at
> least three major distributions for Windows: Python.org, EPD and PythonXY.
> -Charlie
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