[texworks] Drop of Python scripting support

Philip TAYLOR (Webmaster, Ret'd) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Nov 1 10:12:42 CET 2011

Dear Paul -- Thank you, that is extremely kind, but to be honest,
I have never found the need for scripting in any environment other
than the underlying operating system, and even then very rarely.
Even in WinEDT, which I have used for many many years and which
I prefer in many ways to TeXworks (but which is not yet UTF-8 compatible,)
I have never found any need for scripting.  One of my tasks (the
typesetting of a Byzantine dictionary) does require Perl, but
I treat that as "just another typesetting task" rather than
special-case it, even though it results in no typeset output,
so I just have the Perl script open, and, when I need to interpret
it, activate it in a manner almost identical to the manner in which
I launch TeX to interpret a TeX document.

No two of us will ever evolve quite the same working methodology,
but I am probably on the limits of the distribution in that I
also never use TeXify, MakeTeX, Make, TexMK, TexMaker, or any
of the other zillion ways that are "alleged" to make the use
of TeX simpler :-)

** Phil.
Paul A Norman wrote:
>     P.S. I never use Python, nor do I ever feel the need for a scripting
>     language for TeXworks : I want it to be able to open and edit UTF-8
>     files, call the appropriate compiler, and when appropriate, to display
>     the rendered output and/or the log file.
>     Philip Taylor
> Dear Philip,
> If you are doing a lot of publishing using TeXworks, and would ever need a key board short-cut to perform some repetitively done or frequently used less simple task, post here about it, or email me privately and if I'm around, I'd try to look into it for you.
> Paul

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