[texworks] Drop of Python scripting support

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 19:20:24 CET 2011

Dear community,

following some unfriendly [1] messages from people who claim to know
Python, I have decided to drop Python scripting support from the
binaries I build, effective immediately. Partly, the reason for this is
that I cannot refute some of the technicalities with certainty, but
mostly it is because I believe that this kind of approach has no place
in TeXworks. Besides, I haven't heard of many people using it.

If anyone has intimate knowledge of Python and is willing to look into
Python scripting for Tw, I always have an open ear (so far, however, I
have only received "don't do that" messages, instead of helpful ones).

Anyway, I will not remove the Python-related code from the repository,
so whoever wishes to use it can build Tw himself with Python enabled.
Alternatively, it is still possible to run Python scripts using the
normal way of executing system commands (although passing parameters and
coding in a platform independent way becomes more difficult in that case).


[1] "the wrong/naive/illusive Python embeding in this monstruous exe",
"this project has drifted to become unusable", "completely irresponsible"

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