[texworks] Starting first compilation takes a long time on windows

Ignasi Furió ignasi.furio at uib.cat
Fri Oct 14 11:03:53 CEST 2011


I'm using TeXworks v0.5 r939 compiled by myself with mingw over windowsxp.  
I've noticed that the first time I use TeXworks
after starting my computer, it takes a long time to start typesetting. The  
icon shows it to be pressed but nothing happens
until 20 or more seconds when console output appears and pdflatex (miktex  
2.9) starts.

After that, I can close and reopen texworks and everything goes quickly.

I'm not sure if this problem is related with TeXworks or only with my  
computer. I've tested pdflatex from a cmd window and it starts immediately.

Have you seen this behavior?

Best regards,


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