[texworks] Changing default user configuration

Mason Bially biallym at students.wwu.edu
Tue Oct 11 23:13:02 CEST 2011


I am part of the staff at a Computer Science department and we have a request to add the ability to use PSTricks in TeXworks by "default". We found these instructions which provided a solution we are happy with:
We were successful in adding the capability on a per user basis. Where would we find the config files in the TeXworks install (for MiKTeX specifically) to add this capability to the default TypeSet list.

Mason Bially

p.s. I have tried looking for documentation and have been unable to find any leads, I am hoping that someone here knows enough about the internals to be able to answer this question, otherwise we are just going to go with the solution of "the users can do it".
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