[texworks] Syntax highlighting and spell checking

Charlie Sharpsteen chuck at sharpsteen.net
Sun Oct 2 20:45:16 CEST 2011

> The previous contributions from Bruno Voisin and Stefan Löffler also
> appeared in
> the texworks mailing list hosted by tug.org.
> Is the situation any different now, nearly two years later? I've just
> installed
> cocoAspell on my Mac under Mac Os X 10.6.8. No error messages, but there's
> no
> sign of aspell from inside TexWorks. I would like to have a spell checker
> in
> TexWorks with
> 1. The ability to add words that are missing from the dictionary.
> 2. The ability to say that certain words accepted by the dictionary should
> not
> in future be accepted.
> 3. Understands TeX/LaTeX constructions, including accents as in L\"offler.
> 4. Does not mark $mathmtics$ as a spelling error.
> Thanks
> David Epstein

Currently this is not being worked on. However if you would like to
implement these features, you can fork my copy of TeXworks on GitHub:


and submit a pull request against `texworks-trunk`. I would be more than
happy to review the changes commit them upstream to SVN.

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