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** María de los Ángeles Morelli [2011-09-29 17:10:45 -0300]:

> I would like to know what kind of graphics extension is possible to use  with TexWorks. 

> jpg? png? bmp? eps? which of the many possibles extensions is more appropiate for TexWorks. 

First of all, TeXworks is a editor for LaTeX/ConTeXt/..TeX.. files. So
question is "what formats are supported by these formats?".

The LaTeX format has several engines: latex, pdflatex, xelatex and

The latex engine supports only graphics in EPS format. Any other
graphics formats must be converted into it.

The pdflatex engine supports graphics in several format: PDF, jpg, png
and some other binary/raster formats. Even if pdflatex engine supports
different raster formats (jpg, png, ...) I advise you convert them into
PDF formats. Directly pdflatex engine doesn't support graphics in EPS
format but withi the help of `epstopdf' program or same named package
you can convert them into PDF format (or even on fly if `epstopdf'
package is used).

The xelatex engine supports graphics in PDF and EPS formats. The
last one is converted on the fly (when document is converted from xdv to
pdf format).

The lualatex engine exists in two mode: dvilualatex and lualatex. The
first one is like latex engine so it supports only EPS graphics, the
second one is like xelatex, i.e. it can convert on the fly the EPS
images to PDF ones or use directly PDF files.

I won't describe here graphics formats supported by context, there is
special mailing list for context.

In short: try always convert graphics to PDF or EPS formats, first is
more prefereable.

> Thank you very much. 
> Yours
> Maria Morelli

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

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