[texworks] Texworks quit working (on windows)

Alain Delmotte esperanto at swing.be
Thu Sep 29 08:24:04 CEST 2011


Le 28/09/2011 18:47, K. Frank a écrit :
> Hi Alain!
> On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 9:09 AM, Alain Delmotte<esperanto at swing.be>  wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Le 28/09/2011 10:57, Lars Madsen a écrit :
>>> ...
>>> Have you ckecked that there are not any corrupt TeXworks
>>> configuration files.
>> If it is the Tex Live version of teXworks, go to
>> c:\users\<you>\.texlive2010\texmf-config and suppress the "texworks" folder.
>> So you suppress all the configuration files.
>> Restart TeXworks from Tex Live, a new folder will be created.
> I have a "texworks" folder, but it is empty:
>     C:\Users\<me>\.texlive2011\texmf-config\texworks
> I renamed it and restarted TeXworks.  The empty texworks folder was
> recreated, and I have the same problem -- the TeXworks process exits
> almost immediately.
>> But I am using Tex Live 2010.
> For what it's worth, I am using TeX Live 2011.
>> There are 2 TeXworks.exe: one in c:\texlive\2010\win32\bin and one with
>> companion folders in c:\texlive\2010\tlpkg\texworks.
>> The files have not the same date but are the same version of TeXworks.
> Yes, I also have two copies of texworks.exe.  The one that Akira identifies
> as the wrapper program is much smaller, and is the one I run (from the
> "TeX Live 2011 / TeXworks Editor" shortcut that the TeX Live installation
> process added to my start menu).  Just for fun, I ran the "real" texworks
> directly, and it exited almost immediately.
> I do not know how to tell which texworks.exe is showing up briefly in
> the windows task manager when I launch TeXworks.  Perhaps the
> wrapper, perhaps the "real" texworks, perhaps both (but I never see
> both at the same time).
>> As far as I can remember, I installed TeXworks before Tex Live (I was using
>> MikTeX before, but shifted because of the difficulties knowing if you are
>> user or administrator).
>> The TeXworks, not from Tex Live, was updated regularly and is now
>> 0.5r.932(official)
>> The configuration files for this TeXworks are in c:\users\Alain\texworks.
>> I am under Windows 7(64) but Tex Live is win32.
>> Hope this helps,
> Well, it helps, in that you have TeXworks / TeX Live working under windows
> (and 64-bit windows 7, in fact), but I still don't know what I should do.
> Maybe it's a coincidence, but when I had TeXworks working, I had first
> installed just TeXworks from a TeXworks installation package, and then
> I installed TeX Live.  It sounds like you had first installed TeXworks via
> MiKTeX, and then installed TeX Live.  (But it looks like you are running
> TeXworks from your TeX Live installation, so maybe this is a red herring.)

I installed a standalone TeXworks, neither from MikTeX nor 
TeX Live. And I did this much before TeXworks appeared in 
MikTeX or TeX Live.
My TeX distribution was MikTeX, then I switched to TeX Live.
So in fact I have the TeXworks from TeX Live as I said, but 
also TeXworks, the normal distribution, in a folder under 
"Program Files (x86)". This one is creating a resources 
folder: "c:\users\Alain\texworks" separate from the TeX Live 
one ("c:\users\Alain\.texlive2010\txmf-config\texworks").

Last suggestion I could do: install TeXworks from the 
normal, independent distribution with all dll's,... and 
check the parameters to point to TeX Live.

As far as I understand it now, TeXworks automatically 
includes all the environment variables from Windows; so if 
it still doesn't work you should check these variables.

Eventually you could check the register!!

Best wishes,


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