[texworks] Texworks quit working (on windows)

K. Frank kfrank29.c at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 16:06:39 CEST 2011

Hi List!

A quick follow-up:

Has anyone successfully used texworks / tex-live on windows?

If so, what version(s) did you use?  How did you install it?

I'm still dead in the water here...


K. Frank

On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 5:49 PM, K. Frank <kfrank29.c at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello List!
> I had been successfully running texworks on windows, but then it
> stopped working.  When I attempt to launch texworks, the texworks.exe
> process appears to run briefly (it shows up for one refresh cycle in the
> windows task manager), but exits, essentially immediately.
> Does anyone know how I might fix this?
> As I recall, I downloaded and installed texworks in July, and then
> subsequently downloaded and installed tex live.  I believe that
> when I was running texworks, it was the version I had installed
> first, and not the tex live version.
> After not using texworks for a while I tried to run it, and it wouldn't
> start, as described above.  It's possible that an instance of texworks
> was open when the computer experienced a hard crash.
> After trying a few random things, I uninstalled texworks and tex live.
> I then downloaded a new copy of the tex live installation package.
> (install-tl.zip that unzips into install-tl-20110921.)  When I tried to
> run install-tl.bat, perl.exe crashed with an access violation.
> I then used the previous version of the tex live installation package.
> (install-tl.zip, downloaded on 7/31/11, that unzips into install-tl.)
> I ran that version of install-tl.bat to reinstall tex live.  The installation
> process seems to have run correctly (with a few warnings about
> wget retries).
> I now try to run the texworks application that came with tex live, and
> I get the same result: the application runs briefly (according to task
> manager), but exits immediately without doing anything or displaying
> anything on the screen.
> I didn't make any noteworthy system modifications between when
> texworks was running and when it quit,  I did install a java development
> kit and ant to support another application, and firefox may have updated
> itself in the meantime, but nothing dramatic.
> I am running on 64-bit windows 7.
> Any explanations or advice would be most welcome.
> Thanks.
> K. Frank

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