[texworks] Configuration for English and Russian

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> Hello,
> this is not a *texworks* question, but I'll try a short answer. You should 
> use the "babel"-package for multilingual documents.
> Just load the package with the following line in your preamble:
> \usepackage[russian,english]{babel}
> Then you can switch in your document with \selectlanguage{english} and 
> \selectlanguage{russian} between the two environments.
> Have a look at the babel helpfile 
> (http://mirror.ctan.org/info/babel/babel.pdf) for further options.
> Greetings
> Johannes H.


Does the babel package now work correctly with XeLaTeX?

Good Luck,

Herb Schulz
(herbs at wideopenwest dot com)


for me babel works with (transliterated) greek and german and compiling 
through XeLaTeX.
But in most cases I use direct Unicode input of foreign characters, as David 
hinted. For Hebrew Text I also use XeLaTeX with Unicode and make use of the 
bidi-package for the correct placement of commas etc. after RTL-Passages 
within my LTR-Text.


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