[texworks] Metapost graphic does not show up in Miktex 2.8 again

Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 07:22:03 CEST 2011


** Paul A Norman [2011-09-22 16:56:36 +1200]:

> Sorry I have not followed this thread completely,

> ... but if you are trying to use \write18

> As in
> \immediate\write18{mpost q106-433988DE-E310-11E0-B81F-AFF3C110DD5E}

> Under MiKTeX on Windows

> Have a look at  Heiko Oberdiek's notes even for the epstopdf package
> Page 2 of ftp://ftp.tex.ac.uk/pub/tex/macros/latex2e/contrib/oberdiek/epstopdf.pdf
> section 1.2 Requirements

> " 1.2 Requirements
> " The feature \write18 must be enabled. This allows the running of external
> programs during TEX's compile run. Keep in mind that this is a security
> risk. The feature is an addition to \TeX. MikTEX, teTEX, TEX Live support
> it. In Web2C based TEX distributions (teTEX, TEX Live) it can be enabled
> in the conguration le texmf.cnf:
> shell_escape = 1
> Because of the security risk, it is better to do it on the command line only:
> --shell-escape (teTEX, TEX Live)
> --enable-write18 (MiKTEX)  "

> >From a dos prompt from a full install of MiKTeX you can guarantee that
> mthelp miktex will bring up the .chm for MiKTeX and you can read more
> there. On a portable install you;ll need to use the command prompt
> from right clicking the MiKTeX icon in your tool area at the bottom
> right of your screen.

> You can search inside the MiKTeX .chm for --enable-write18, and
> perhgaps have a look at the sections under Contents / User Guide /
> Using MiKTeX /Specialities / 2.10. "Running Programs From Within TeX"

> >From my skim reading of the postings, it appears that one system is
> probably using TeXLive and the other is using MiKTeX.

> --shell-escape (teTEX, TEX Live)
> --enable-write18 (MiKTEX)

> Paul

Sorry Paul but the problem is not with that.

> On 22 September 2011 12:35, David-Arnold <david-arnold at redwoods.edu> wrote:
>> All,

>> Looks like my attachment was not included in the email to the list, so here it is again.
No, they are.

>> All,

>> I'd like to thank folks for their suggestions on --shell-escape.

>> On my IMac (running Snow Leopard and Mactex), I added --shell-escape to Texwork prefrences, Typesetting, pdflatex command line. On my IMac, the attached file compiles and shows the graphic.

>> On my colleague's Windows laptop, running Miktex 2.8, we also added --shell-escape to Texwork preferences, but the graphic does not show up. We are stuck as to what to do next.

>> Can someone on this list compile this in windows using miktex and see if they get the graphic to show up, and if so, share any configurations they made to Texworks?

You (or actually your colleague) are not lucky here.
The problem is with MiKTeX, it don't have neccessary file: `mp-tool.mp',
it is part of context package and this package is missing from MiKTeX
repository (it is long standing problem: missing context files in
MiKTeX). If your colleague don't have any objections versus TeX Live,
simply uninstall MiKTeX and install TeX Live (full scheme).

And this is NOT TeXworks problem! Please, post any tex related issues on
texhax mailing list.

>> Thanks,

>> David

And thank you for neat example :).

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

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