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** Felix Wieczorek [2011-09-19 14:33:02 +0200]:

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>> Hello,
>> ** Felix Wieczorek [2011-09-19 12:11:29 +0200]:

>>>> Hello,
>>>> [...]
>>>> In short: latex allows you to include figures in two formats: EPS and PDF.

>>>> If you use `latex' _program_ you should use EPS figures (EPS files), if
>>>> you use `pdflatex' _program_ (default for texworks) you should use PDF
>>>> figures (PDF files). Great thing is you don't have to specify extensions
>>>> for image files. Consider example:

>>>> \includegraphics{fig1}

>>>> If file is processed by latex program then `fig1.eps' file will be used,
>>>> if document is processed by `pdflatex' then `fig1.pdf' file will be
>>>> included. So, generally, it is best have both files: fig1.eps and
>>>> fig1.pdf and don't use extension.

>>>> As I understand from your first post you already have EPS files. Now
>>>> there are two ways to work further:

>>> By the way, there is a third way for geogebra, which supports direct
>>> output of pdf files.

>> I don't understand your. How geogebra is related with _inclusion_ of
>> graphics files to LaTeX document?
>> I don't mention any way to _produce_ graphics, there are plenty of them,
>> or how to use LaTeX syntax and latex program to process input in other
>> programs.

> Ok, didn't mean any offense. Just wanted to point out for Mark that in this
> special case there is no need to first export the eps file and then convert
> it.

And I want to apologize, I didn't want to be rude.
If my colleagues ask me advice about LaTeX figures I always suggest them
produce both PDF and EPS files, because it is not difficult and it simplifies
they LaTeX workflow (and mine too :).

For example, some time ago my colleague asked me how to include EPS
images into document that will be processed futher by pdflatex. Before
that he had not work much with pdflatex. The simplest solution that came
to my mind was 1) suggest to get rid of extension from graphic files and
2) add `epstopdf' package. To his astinoshment all works well, without
additional efforts (though the ways he creates images are very

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

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