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Felix Wieczorek felix at wieczorek-systems.de
Mon Sep 19 14:33:02 CEST 2011

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> Hello,
> ** Felix Wieczorek [2011-09-19 12:11:29 +0200]:
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>>> Hello,
>>> [...]
>>> In short: latex allows you to include figures in two formats: EPS and PDF.
>>> If you use `latex' _program_ you should use EPS figures (EPS files), if
>>> you use `pdflatex' _program_ (default for texworks) you should use PDF
>>> figures (PDF files). Great thing is you don't have to specify extensions
>>> for image files. Consider example:
>>> \includegraphics{fig1}
>>> If file is processed by latex program then `fig1.eps' file will be used,
>>> if document is processed by `pdflatex' then `fig1.pdf' file will be
>>> included. So, generally, it is best have both files: fig1.eps and
>>> fig1.pdf and don't use extension.
>>> As I understand from your first post you already have EPS files. Now
>>> there are two ways to work further:
>> By the way, there is a third way for geogebra, which supports direct
>> output of pdf files.
> I don't understand your. How geogebra is related with _inclusion_ of
> graphics files to LaTeX document?
> I don't mention any way to _produce_ graphics, there are plenty of them,
> or how to use LaTeX syntax and latex program to process input in other
> programs.

Ok, didn't mean any offense. Just wanted to point out for Mark that in this
special case there is no need to first export the eps file and then convert

>>> 1. convert manually EPS files for PDF ones with the help of `epstopdf'
>>> _program_, like below
>>> $ epstopdf fig1.eps
>>> and that for each EPS file (I could write a one-line bash code, but if
>>> you on Windows I lack knowledge how to achieve the same there).
>>> 2. Add to preamble of your document _package_ epstopdf, like below
>>> ... PREAMBLE
>>> \usepackage{epstopdf}
>>> Then just run pdflatex, package `epstopdf' will do job on converting EPS
>>> files to PDF before including them into document.
Best regards,

Felix Wieczorek

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