[texworks] Wrong TeXWorks window retaining focus following document compilation

Rainman 3D2002 rainman3d2002 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 15:40:26 CEST 2011


This issue started happening recently in the 0.5 versions, and it doesn't
happen in the latest, 0.4 version 0.4.3. What's happening is this:

I have a large document, made up of many chapters. Each chapter is in a
separate file, all linked together through the main file via \INCLUDE. At
the top of every chapter file is a " % !TeX root = Book1.tex" line. All the
chapters, when compiled together, create the Book1.pdf file. If I am editing
chapter 1, for example, and press the "Compile" button on the PDF window,
the window currently being edited(chapter 1) receives the "Console output"
and scrolling text. When compilation is finished, the focus is retained by
the chapter 1 editing window. This is how it has always worked and there is
no problem with this.


As I said, the document is large, over 500 pages, and it takes quite a long
time to recompile it, especially over a VNC connection across the Internet.
So, I have a created a work file each chapter, which includes just one
chapter, making for much faster recompiles. So, chapter1.tex gets a work
file called chapter1_work.tex which has an \INCLUDE for chapter1.tex and
also generates a chapter1_work.pdf  upon compilation. This means that the "%
!TeX root" line of chapter1.tex doesn't match chapter1_work.pdf. This is
where the latest versions try to be helpful and fail.

What's happening is that if I press the Compile button in the chapter1.tex
window, it compiles Book1.pdf and focus is retained with chapter1.tex
window, which is correct. But, if I press the Compile button in the
chapter1_work.pdf window, it now brings the chapter1_work.tex window to the
foreground, which receives the "Console output", but when it is finished
successfully, it doesn't send chapter1_work.tex window back. It retains it,
forcing me to re-locate my editing window out of sometimes a dozen working
documents and bring it to the foreground. On smaller screens, it is
sometimes not very easy to see.

I understand the why this was done. Prior to this feature, when compiling
chapter1_work.pdf, there was no "Console output" being visible on the screen
during compilation; you had to click on the chapter1_work.tex window to see
it.  But the change is actually now breaking workflow. If there are no
errors in compilation that would keep the "Console output" window open, the
original editing window should be brought back to the foreground. That was I
can just keep editing without having to track it down first.

Thank you.

----- configuration info -----

TeXworks version : 0.5r935 (personal)

Install location : /usr/local/bin/texworks

Library path : /home/zzz/.TeXworks/

pdfTeX location : /opt/texlive/2011/bin/i386-linux/pdftex

Operating system : Linux Server45.zzzz.com
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