[texworks] LaTeXmk-config for Win

Andreas Hirsch cursus.publicus at sacrumromanumimperium.org
Sun Sep 4 21:59:30 CEST 2011

Hi Stefan,

quoting Stefan Löffler, [04.09.2011 18:55 +0100]:
> Hi,
> On 2011-08-29 14:50, Andreas Hirsch wrote:
>> I'm trying to get LaTeXmk running the latex-dvips-pspdf-process unde
>> Windows.
>> Under Linux, my adaption works well:
>> http://members.gaponline.de/afj/tl2011_win/texworks_latexmk_config.png
> The same code as on Linux should work on Windows (quoting the arguments
> should be done internally by Qt - that's the reason why -e must be on a
> separate line).
> Did you try?


> What was the output?

a short message, disapeares so quickly I could not save it.

> Is there a command (with arguments) that you can enter in the terminal
> (i.e., outside Tw) to do what you want? (if so, which)?



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