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Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 03:05:37 CEST 2011

Sorry I just had a keyboard moment in Gmail :)

Dear DB,

That could be irritating.

Have a look on your Tw help menu.

There is an item there "A Short Manual for TeXworks"

Open it and look inside for a section under "A Customizing TEXworks" called
 "A.2 Keyboard shortcuts"

In there you will find instructions for adding an .ini  file that will
allow you to (re)assign shortcut keys.

I have tried adding this line to my new "shortcuts.ini"

actionClose =

in other words getting it to do nothing - not follow its default Ctrl+ W

Or assign it to


Or something.

You can find the right place to put the new "shortcuts.ini" file by using the
Scripts Menu / Scripting TeXworks / Show Scripts Folder

Then go up form that folder and look for the "configuration" folder
and follow the notes in the manual section described above.

I hope that this helps,


> On 6 August 2011 08:04, DB <gwsk5597 at telus.net> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've been using TeXworks for a while now and find it very useful. I do,
>> however, have but one problem with it: the Ctrl+W shortcut that saves and
>> quits. It's an issue because it's right above the S key and because I save
>> pretty much at the end of every sentence, there's a high probability my
>> finger will slip and I'll accidentally close the window. I type pretty fast,
>> so this can sometimes happen a lot. Very annoying.
>> Is there some file where I can change the shortcut configuration for
>> TeXworks? I've been searching around for a way to customize the shortcuts,
>> but so far haven't been able to find a good answer as to whether it's even
>> possible.
>> Thanks for your assistance.
>> - DB

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