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Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 19:49:16 CEST 2011


tying up some loose ends...

On 2011-07-27 15:29, Paul A Norman wrote:
>> But this is up to Jonathan.
>> ...
>> Debian now has Tw in their repositories, which means
>> that Ubuntu pulls them into their own as well. So, bottom line, with
>> modern Ubuntu versions you can install Tw without any additional work.
>> This doesn't give you the latest development version (or even the latest
>> stable release, depending on the respective release dates), but it
>> should give you a working program.
> Actually your site may become quite important as the Debain/Ubuntu
> releases of TeXworks can get way way behind., hopefully this will
> improve but until it does...

Yes, Ubuntu is somewhat behind, but the Debian packages (at least in
some repositories) are updated with each stable release. So Ubuntu
should get it at most half a year later ;). With the current (low)
frequency of Tw releases, this is probably OK for most people.
Now, experimental builds are a different matter, of course...

> Right that settles that - TUG the main site (knew it was the more
> stable), functionally it has been Google code though really up until
> now.

GC will certainly continue to be in flux, naturally (and as such maybe
more "functional"). The TUG page is by definition (stable releases and
such) very static.

> Can long term wiki type stuff also be reposted as sub pages off the
> TUG site page for TeXworks? That would help drive more traffic and so
> also search engines there.
> Also some of the Google Code wiki stuff is obsolete and so some is now
> misleading.

Well, we can't set up a wiki on TUG, if that's what you mean (no php or
similar there, AFAIK). But of course, certain pages could be ported to
static ones on TUG.
We could also think about hosting the (HTML) manual there in the long
run, but then again, since it's bundled with the stable releases, it's
not so important.

> Worth noting that the real address for the project is TeXworks.org ?
> That may long term be relevant?

I discussed this with Karl Berry. texworks.org was registered a while
ago with a bunch of other, TeX-related domains. But being a TUG project,
Karl prefers to keep the tug.org/texworks address. In fact, the
texworks.org domain might even be dropped sometime in the future. so
tug.org/texworks is the safe way to go.


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