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Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 15:29:44 CEST 2011

> That said, the GC main page is only editable by the project owner,
> Jonathan. We could think about giving a more gentle introduction there,
> with a more prominent link to the TUG page,

Yes I agree, if TUG is the home (as it is) then drive as much traffic
and as many search engines there as possible.

> and a note saying that this
> page (GC) is for development only.

Yes keep as much public stuff as possible now out of Google Code.
Important especially if Google policy should change towards  hosting
or facilities available, already some things are changing.
TUG is safe long term.

> But this is up to Jonathan.
> ...
> Debian now has Tw in their repositories, which means
> that Ubuntu pulls them into their own as well. So, bottom line, with
> modern Ubuntu versions you can install Tw without any additional work.
> This doesn't give you the latest development version (or even the latest
> stable release, depending on the respective release dates), but it
> should give you a working program.

Actually your site may become quite important as the Debain/Ubuntu
releases of TeXworks can get way way behind., hopefully this will
improve but until it does...

> Finally, Charlie's builds will be hosted there in the future, so no need
> to point elsewhere (they are also linked on the TUG page, BTW).
>> Or otherwise anywhere else to make a one stop shop for download
>> information for binaries?
> For the general user, we have that on the TUG server. There, you have
> pointers to the latest stable releases for the major OSs that are
> supported or contributed.
> Now that we have stable releases to look back on, TUG should really
> become the main address for the "normal" user. It may point to a
> download list on GC or the occasional wiki entry, but other than that,
> all one needs should be there (if it's not, please tell me so I can
> correct that ;)).

Right that settles that - TUG the main site (knew it was the more
stable), functionally it has been Google code though really up until

Can long term wiki type stuff also be reposted as sub pages off the
TUG site page for TeXworks? That would help drive more traffic and so
also search engines there.
Also some of the Google Code wiki stuff is obsolete and so some is now

Worth noting that the real address for the project is TeXworks.org ?
That may long term be relevant?

> GC, on the other hand, is really primarily intended for developing. Of
> course, if you want to live on the proverbial "bleeding edge" of
> software, you also have to stop by there, but in my experience, most
> people are satisfied if the software they have just works ;).

What about as well changing the "For more information, see the
TeXworks page at the TeX Users Group site." on Google Code to rather
than directly go to TUG as at present, to do as the TeXworks program
itself already does under "Tw Menu>> Help / Go To TeXworks Home Page"
and point to  TeXworks.org as well (and then is redirected on the
server to the current TUG address).

School of hard knocks has taught me if there is a specific real domain
address (TeXworks.org), to avoid unforeseen pitfalls, use it
consistently,  long term.

I'll check through all TwScript pages to get them to point to
TeXworks.org as first port of call.


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