[texworks] Announcement: CMake build system now in SVN trunk

Charlie Sharpsteen chuck at sharpsteen.net
Sat Jul 23 22:07:56 CEST 2011

Over the past few months I have been working on a new buildsystem that aims
to make it easier to configure and compile TeXworks and then package
binaries for distribution. Today I merged this work from GitHub into the
TeXworks subversion repository. Hopefully this will make it easier for
people to hack on TeXworks to add features or fix bugs.

The new buildsystem is based on CMake:


To build TeXworks using CMake, the following dependencies will be required:

  - CMake
  - Qt
  - Hunspell
  - Poppler

Then, the following steps may be used to initiate a build:

  mkdir build
  cd build

  cmake ..

See the following page for more information on how to run CMake and
configure build options:


The CMake buildsystem has not been thoroughly tested on all platforms and
the build may fail. The current status of using CMake to build TeXworks on
different platforms is:

Mac OS X

Building on OS X is the most thoroughly tested situation. Components such as
CMake, Qt and Poppler may be installed using the Homebrew package manager:


Using components from other package managers, such as MacPorts and Fink, or
other binaries should be perfectly possible but has not been tested.


Stefan Löffler has done some testing and has contributed patches that help
CMake to build TeXworks on Linux.


CMake supports building software on Windows, but building TeXworks is
completely untested and probably will not work at this time.

If anyone modifies the CMake buildsystem to fix problems or add new
features, I would love to receive patches for the official
repository---especially patches that add Windows support.  Annotated copies
of the scripts that make up the buildsystem are available for study at:


In addition to patches submitted through the Google Code issue tracker and
the mailing list, I also welcome pull requests made against my GitHub clone
of the TeXworks SVN repository:


Happy hacking!

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