[texworks] adding luatex and lualatex to the typesetting menu

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 13:03:44 CEST 2011


On 2011-07-14 17:39, Arno Trautmann wrote:
> Stefan Löffler wrote:
>> On 2011-07-13 21:38, Arno Trautmann wrote:
>>> No, superseding will definitely not happen in the next years.
>>> Maybe a possible improvement would be to offer some kind of drop-down
>>> menu that separates engines from formats. So one could take LaTeX or
>>> plain or ConTeXt and then choose between pdf, dvi, lua, dvilua, /or/
>>> Mk II, Mk IV, …
>> I think that's an excellent idea. First, because it implicitly teaches
>> users that distinction from the very beginning, and second because it
>> gets some order into the current chaos on that dropdown list.
>> Unfortunately, there are some caveats as well. First, it's not easy to
>> implement with the current approach/widgets, and second we need to take
>> care to maintain compatibility with TeXShop and older versions of Tw
>> (that might be using a "%!TeX program=" modline).
> Well, I don't “care” about implementation, as I have no idea how to do
> it anyway …
> But how would you handle bibtex (or biber, if we are talking about
> next generation programs) or indexing tools? Maybe a button “typeset”
> and anotherone with anything else? But that will bloat up the
> typesetting area …

I was rather thinking of keeping those tools in the list, but under a
separate pseudo-format, like "Bibliography"/"Indexing" or similar...

>> Anyway, it would be great if you could post a feature request for this
>> on GC.
> Is that possible without a Google Account? Elsewise some else has to
> do it, sorry …

No, it isn't, but I added it now

>> So, next
>> question, what is the correct way of calling Lua(La)TeX (including the
>> SyncTeX option, of course)? And are there any platform-specific
>> differences that would need to be taken into account?
> I call it with
> lualatex --shell-escape -file-line-error $synctexoptions $fullname
> shell-escape should be disabled by default, I guess. However, another
> feature request would be an easy way to de/activate shell-escape. (I'm
> not sure if MiKTeX uses --shell-escape or something else.)
> -file-line-error gives better error messages and should work on every
> platform, but I can only speak for TeX live 2010 on Linux, Windows and
> Mac OS X.

OK, I added Lua(La)TeX in r865 (without shell-escape and
file-line-error, to conform with the other default tools). In the same
revision, I also removed LaTeXmk from the default list of tools as I
consider it an advanced tool that is not necessarily suitable for all
(new) users. Besides, it doesn't work out of the box (doesn't work if
you don't have Perl installed (in particular problem on Windows), and
usually is not included in basic/minimal distro installs).


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