[texworks] XeLaTeX Typsetting tool

David Perry hospes.primus at verizon.net
Sat Jul 16 17:03:18 CEST 2011

Smart fonts contain one or both of the following:

--support for advanced typesetting features (automatic ligatures, 
variants such as lowercase numerals, small caps, alternate glyphs, etc.) 
in standard scripts

--support for reordering and reshaping of characters in complex scripts 
(Arabic, Indic, etc.)

Smarts fonts include those with OpenType features (whether .ttf or .otf 
format), AAT fonts on the Mac, and Graphite fonts; the latter are 
supported only by Xe(La)TeX and a very few other programs.


On 7/16/2011 10:04 AM, Philip TAYLOR (Webmaster, Ret'd) wrote:
> David Perry wrote:
>> If I understand correctly:
>> Xe(La)TeX is the only option if one's work requires:
>> a) Unicode
>> b) smart fonts
>> c) the ability to use any system font
> Could you clarify exactly what you mean by "smart fonts", David ?
> This is not a term with which I am familiar.
> Philip Taylor

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