[texworks] what is a default browser?

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 10:35:27 CEST 2011


On 2011-07-15 09:09, Paul A Norman wrote:
> Always wondered why Tw help/ manual opens in Firefox for me when it is
> not my default browser.
> Would that mean that a person on Windows with only IE or Chrome might
> not get anything for the Tw Manual? Or have I missed a beat here...

My previous reply was Linux-specific (source file
For Windows (source file src/util/gui/qdesktopservices_win.cpp), the
ShellExecute function is used. AFAIK, this should do the same as
double-clicking the file in Explorer. But I'm not sure if/what settings
and registry keys might affect this behavior...


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