[texworks] Auto Prompt for Version Backup (SCRIPT Collection)

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 14:14:09 CEST 2011


Auto Prompt for very basic document version backup scheme



Two hook scripts that run on File Open, and Typeset (success or failure)
 with a prompt offering to make a backup (with date and time in file
  name) in a location of your choosing.

Standard locations are listed, and there is an option to choose a new
 backup location. Each distinct new save location is stored, and
  presented as an option during further uses of the script(s).

After a custom location is first used, the last used folder will appear
 in the top of the drop down on successive script runs.

Additionally there is a manually run script, for creating a version
 backup at any time.

(Just a note, I am recycling a lot of code in scripts now, internally
we have been using global objects loaded on a hook at start-up of
TeXworks, and as discussed previously here,  I propose to make those
hook scripts and libraries available, and flag them as required when I
use them in future new or revamped scripts as I make publicly
available. I am looking towards making an ImageMagick interface we
have been using in TeXworks available under that scheme.
Any questions or comments welcome please before I follow that course
of action in the next few weeks.)


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