[texworks] Alternate Editor Components? Was Re: Problem with line mangling

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 08:39:42 CEST 2011


Here is the web site of the Qt editor component called QCodeEdit, it
may be of no use as it mioghht bnow allow for text colouring ..

"QCodeEdit is a framework designed to make edition of source code easy
for both users and developers.

"It is written in C++ using the Qt 4 framework which make it cross-platform.

"QCodeEdit has been designed for three main purposes : efficiency,
flexibility and ease of use.

:Indeed QCodeEdit is much more lightweight and significantly faster
than QTextEdit/QTextDocument. However it also has different goals and
thus limitations. QCodeEdit is meant to work with source files and not
any kind of rich text like QTextEdit handles so well."



On 7 July 2011 18:30, Paul A Norman <paul.a.norman at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>> in particular for
>> long (1000+ lines) documents
> I had it happening to me while recently testing for it, in a second
> re-opened document (a letter) where \end{document} is at only line 192
> I'll look at cleaning up and posting my (auto)back-up scripts, can be
> run manually or on hooks, and allows for `remembered' custom
> directories for backup location.
> (Helps in trace back for clean up of a doc if line merge mess-up
> wasn't noticed and confusing changes were made - peace of mind at
> least, you can actually miss noticing the line-number pileups when
> focussed on re-editing).
> I am also wondering if this could have happened to me in the past when
> line numbers were turned off, as I have found areas later on a reopen,
> where I have re-typed almost identical text on a previous edit, in the
> same general location areas as the original text, which I might have
> previously been putting down to bad work habits due to late night
> work—now I am not so sure it was the late nights.
>> TeXworks crashes
> I haven't had an actual crash from this for a long time (months).
> I understand there may be other open source edit components for Qt, I
> think I posted on one a few months ago that has text folding and other
> features actually pre-built into it - caveats  I do not know whether
> it inherits form the component we are having trouble with anyway, and
> I have NO idea what would be involved, or whether it would be a curve
> ball on the progress on Tw as it stands already.
> http://tug.org/mailman/htdig/texworks/2011q1/003694.html
> Paul
> On 7 July 2011 18:04, Stefan Löffler <st.loeffler at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On 2011-06-29 11:21, T T wrote:
>>>> Of course, I'd like to see the bugfix included if possible, but there's
>>>> no need to scrap already-printed DVDs (I'm exaggerating here, of course ;)).
>>>> If r855 indeed fixes the problem (as it appears to), I intend to publish
>>>> 0.4.3 when I get home from work (probably in about 8 hours).
>>>> Sorry for the inconvenience,
>>> No problem, bugs happen, that's just part of the process.  If Karl
>>> doesn't object, I'll update TW tonight, otherwise we have the first
>>> bullet point for "known issues" list of TL'11 ;)
>> it would seem we do have a bullet point for you after all. As Alain
>> Delmotte reported on another thread, the "line mangling" issue wasn't
>> resolved completely after all. So I'd suggest something along the lines
>> of the following:
>> * TeXworks, as distributed, sometimes mangles lines, in particular for
>> long (1000+ lines) documents. When moving the cursor across such lines,
>> TeXworks crashes. As a workaround, disable and re-enable "Line Numbers".
>> Investigations of this problem are ongoing and the issue will be fixed
>> in the repository as soon as a patch is available.
>> Regards,
>> Stefan

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