[texworks] newbie texworks scripting questions

Tim Arnold jtim.arnold at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 17:19:35 CEST 2011

I would like to write a script for TeXWorks and I have a few questions
before getting started.
I have a system outside of TeXWorks now that I've written in Python;
the system does two things:
(1) parses a tex file, modifies it, writes out a *.ltx file and
compiles that file; the original tex file is not compiled.
(2) parses a tex file, extracts info from it and writes that output to
a *.txt file for other uses.

I want to rewrite this capability as a TeXWorks script so it is easily
usable for others. My questions:
* I suppose I should write it as a standalone script, not a hook script?

* Probably I should rewrite my system in JavaScript so users do not
need a Python installation?
* What if I write it as a python executable using Python freeze (no
system Python needed), would that work?

* Is it possible to switch the current document? I'm guessing that
compiling the modified file, step (1) above, will be the hardest
thing--any suggestions? Maybe parse, write a new file, and
automatically open and compile the new file?

thanks for helping out a newbie scripter.
--Tim Arnold

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