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Max Funk maxkhfunk at gmx.net
Fri Dec 31 15:07:37 CET 2010



I wanted to report how to compile the plugins and the main program

The SUBDIRS += . in TeXworks.pro doesn't work, because TEMPLATE is app 

and not subdirs.


I made a project file TeXworks_all.pro with the following content


TEMPLATE       =       subdirs
CONFIG          +=      ordered
DEPENDPATH     +=      ./src
INCLUDEPATH    +=      ./src
SUBDIRS         =      plugins-src/TWLuaPlugin
SUBDIRS        +=      plugins-src/TWPythonPlugin
SUBDIRS         +=      TeXworks
TeXworks.file    =      TeXworks.pro
TeXworks.depends =      plugins-src/TWLuaPlugin \


That one compiles the plugin and the main program.


(an improvement would be: rename src directory into main and plugin-src into

Shift TeXworks.pro into main, adjust paths.)




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