[texworks] external editor

Doris Behrendt doris.behrendt at me.com
Thu Dec 16 18:59:20 CET 2010

hi list,

I want to use texworks with an external editor (vi, that is); I don't  
need to have synctex working;
I searched the list, I found one thread -- some months ago -- where  
list member ryan long writes that he is using vi as an external editor;

he just didn't tell how;

usually I work on a mac (texshop, of course) where there is a checkbox  
in the preferences for choosing to use an external editor;

now I have to use microsoft (windows 7) where I am totally  
unexperienced; so please, if you answer, keep in mind that I am a half- 
dummy ;-)

thanx you for your help ...


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