[texworks] PAtch for .desktop file

Atri badshah400 at aim.com
Sun Dec 12 17:11:36 CET 2010

On Sun, 2010-12-12 at 16:43 +0100, Stefan Löffler wrote:
> Hm, interesting. I just had a look at the Kile package on Ubuntu, and it
> has the following categories:
> Qt;KDE;Office;Publishing;
> So, I added "Qt" to the Tw .desktop file - it is appropriate, after all,
> and should not cause problems. Maybe we could also add Tw to
> "Publishing" - this is more fitting than "WordProcessor", IMO - but
> handling/necessity of this seems distro-dependent.

I think it is better to use the Publishing subcategory rather than
WordProcessor, so I will modify the patch accordingly (for recent
versions of Kile this is the category for openSUSE as well).

Thanks and bye 


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