[texworks] Packages for openSUSE and version numbering

Atri badshah400 at aim.com
Sat Dec 4 06:18:36 CET 2010


I have been using the TeXworks package for a while for all my latex
editing work and I would like to thank the developers for this nifty

I provide packages of texworks 0.2.3 for openSUSE (11.2, 11.3 and the
under-development version 11.4) [1]. I am also packaging rpm's for the
development branch of texworks [2] for openSUSE, mainly for testing
purposes. I was wondering if the developers would recommend that the
current svn (702) version is stable enough generally to be a replacement
for version 0.2.3. I would like to push the current development branch
of TeXworks for inclusion into openSUSE by default and it would help me
to know if a stable release based on the current svn tree is close by.

Also I was wondering what the version naming scheme would be so that the
package-manager could recognise an upgrade to version 0.3.0 when that is
declared stable. If I were to use, for example, the current versioning
system adopted by the texwork developers (e.g. 0.3 r.702, etc.), when a
stable version is released as 0.3.0 the package-manager might not
recognise that as an upgrade (0.3.r702 >? 0.3.0). I am using a version
naming scheme along the lines of 0.2.99svn702 instead to avoid this
scenario. Please let me know if this is desirable. On the other other
hand if the stable release is to be called 0.4.0 instead (I read
something along those lines on the website), I can just use the 0.3.r702
scheme keeping consistency with texworks' versioning).

Thanks a lot for the lovely application, and keep the great work going!


[1] Packages for openSUSE may be installed by using the one-click
installation links listed below (one needs to click on the link from the
corresponding openSUSE system):-
- openSUSE 11.2 -
- openSUSE 11.3 -
- openSUSE Factory -

[2] These packages are provided as texworks-svn from my home project,
and is not widely accessible yet. I intend to change the more accessible
packages to this development version if the developers concur.

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