[texworks] New Windows version - please test

Andreas Hirsch nishni_nowgorod at gaponline.de
Mon Nov 22 17:12:48 CET 2010

quoting Stefan Löffler, [22.11.2010 16:59 +0100]:
> Hi,
> On 2010-11-22 16:37, Andreas Hirsch wrote:
>> quoting Johannes Heck, [22.11.2010 16:11 +0100]:
>>> - The open-dialog is not slow on my pc
>> Maybe it's a matter of the number of files in a directory?
>> There a more than 4000 files, among them more than 1500 TeX-Input-Files
>> in my directory
> Yes, I can see how that could slow things down ;).
> Just out of curiosity, why do you use such large directories, especially
> over a network file system (see below)?

a long time ago I had a very large directory-hirarchy but this was not
efficient for my work

>> Maybe it's a matter that the files are on a Samba-share?
>> (But open-dialogs in other programms are not as slow)
> This, too, is important, yes!
> Other programs may not be using Qt, and Qt in turn may handle network
> drives differently. So I can see how that may slow things down.
> I wonder if Matthias has a similar "non-standard" setup?
> Anyway, can somebody tell me at which Windows version the Qt dialog
> starts to look particularly alien, and at which version the bookmark
> features was added?

Does it help to compare this to Vista-Screenshots?


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