[texworks] Current status of Tw development

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Sun Nov 21 15:16:23 CET 2010

Le 21 nov. 2010 à 14:13, David Perry a écrit :

> Adobe Reader is also slow and bloated, even though it is apparently the most widely used reader.

I couldn't agree more. Adobe Reader, and more generally all Adobe applications and plug-ins, are quite painful to use on the Mac. They are very badly optimized, often monopolize most available CPU resources for no particular reason, blocking other applications for several minutes and often inducing crashes. Alas, we can't really afford not using them.

> For these reasons I recommend just the "open in default PDF viewer" rather than any special treatment for Adobe Reader, as was suggested at one point.


Bruno Voisin

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