[texworks] Current status of Tw development

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at me.com
Sun Nov 21 12:32:20 CET 2010

Le 18 nov. 2010 à 07:56, Paul A Norman a écrit :

> P.s. regarding printing pdf  from preview - I should add that from
> using TeXworks as a typesetter, and the proofing point of view, it is
> extremely important to at some point to actually print out (and
> preview), not from the poppler library Tw uses, but from pdf viewers
> that are going to render the typeset material as your users will
> likely see it and print it. And I understand that many assume Acrobat
> Reader is still way up there in the numbers.

Here I must admit I do not see your point. Are you saying that the poppler library, and xpdf on which it is based, do not render PDF code in an accurate way? And that there can be such thing as an inaccurate PDF interpreter?

Adobe Reader/Acrobat is probably more complete than the other PDF interpreters out there, either the free xpdf, poppler and gs or the PDF Kit inside OS X, in that it can display more complex or less documented PDF constructs that the other PDF viewers can't.

But other than that, all PDF interpreters are supposed to render PDF code accurately to screen, and to convert it to accurate PS code for printing. Or did I misunderstand something?

Or maybe when you write "printing pdf from preview" you mean using a screenshot of the View window for printing?

Bruno Voisin  

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