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martine le berre martine.le-berre at u-psud.fr
Sun Nov 21 10:27:58 CET 2010

Please, can you help me!
with the new version of winedit, I cannot include figures, whatever is 
their format, eps, ps, tiff, etc...

I have two PC, an old one (windows XP), and a new one(windows 7), with 
both I use winedit to produce scientific  papers
on the old one I have got an older version of winedit, which works for a 
given file.
  When I try to compile the same file on my new PC with the new version 
of winedit (winedit 6), it fails at the figure.
the error  message is the following:
!Latex error unknown graphics extension: .eps (or .tiff, or .ps, or...)
Thank you for your answer
M. Le Berre
Nota: I use the new computer at home, while the old one was is at the 
university (at my laboratory)
At home, I have not paid the licence fees. I am surprised that , while 
the trial period of one month is overpassed, no message appear (but I 
found the message when I click on the winedit program file). I am ready 
to pay a personnal licence , if this is the reason why the compilation 

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