[texworks] Current status of Tw development

David J. Perry hospes.primus at verizon.net
Thu Nov 18 10:50:03 CET 2010

I like Paul's suggestions, which would give the user a good idea of what is 
currently available in Tw.  Since upgrading to MiKTeX 2.9 I've been enjoying 
the ability to print (using the patch, which works well for me) and would 
like to see this kept available.  Calling it "experimental" should alert 
people to the fact that it may not work well for everyone.  I'm not sure we 
need an option for Adobe Reader, though.


Paul wrote:
> Menu something like?
> /File/
> <other File menu items first >
>  /Print/
>   [sub menu]     /Printing Not Available/  [always greyed]
>                        /Open in default Pdf Viewer/ [normal colours -
> mouseover: for printing]
>                        /Experimental Printing/  [greyed - or normal 
> colours
>                                                            for
> where/when it is already possible - OS detected]
> <other File menu items ... >
> Make /Open in default Viewer/ and /Experimental Printing/ (above)
> available if document is typeset, otherwise greyed out.
> There is an advantage if some tricky features are not implemented all
> at once in all OS-es, for example if Linux gets it first or whatever.
> Here, as each Tw release advances, /Experimental Printing/ would be
> available to more OS-es. Benefit is that in effect it would be a
> staggered or progressive roll out, so if one OS gets it before the
> others this becomes a benefit from a development point of view, in
> that we are trouble shooting one thing at a time, rather than be
> deluged by all sorts of problems relating to specific OS-es and their
> sub-releases on a new or enhanced Tw feature..
> Final result being that all OS-es have it available --- if it is to be
> implemented at all.
> I could live with my default pdf viewer handling printing. Just
> include details in TeXworks manual as to how to set/change a default
> pdf viewer in each main OS.
> And perhaps get another possible Print sub menu item in - specifically
>      /Open in Acrobat Reader/ [mouseover: if available]
> Paul

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