[texworks] Current status of Tw development

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 10:45:01 CET 2010

Hi everyone,

at least those of you who have been following this mailing list and the
Tw development in general for some time have noticed the effective
stand-still we were experiencing lately. I am pleased to inform you that
effective immediately, Jonathan Kew has granted Karl Berry and me commit
rights to the svn repository. This means that Tw development should pick
up speed again. As a first step, I've committed several patches that
have accumulated over the past months so we're ready to move forward.

Note that this doesn't mean that Jonathan is "handing over" TeXworks. He
still plays a decisive role in its development, in particular regarding
big new features that will hopefully be addressed in the future. It does
mean, however, that every day bug fixes and minor improvements no longer
depend on his schedule and free time.

Consequently, we should all move forward now and resume working on the
next big goal for Tw: the 0.4 stable release. This means a lot of
testing, and probably fixing some bugs. This also means that until the
0.4 release, you shouldn't expect any new major features. It's all about
stability now, and rounding off scripting in its current state.

As this is a community project, everyone who is willing to help and has
the time (and ideally knowledge/experience) is very welcome. In
particular, there will be a call for help to everyone who is familiar
with languages other than English soon to update the various
translations of Tw. But this will be addressed separately.


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