[texworks] Scripting Editor

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 08:34:07 CET 2010


I was thinking of cusomising an editor I have access to the source for
for QtScript, then thought - what other small foot print Cross
platform text editor was there that would be good for eding the
QtScripts that could be customised.

Then I thought, may be I'm staring at one!

So I have looked at

This . {tab} statrs them off, these are just a few, I'm putting in a
new configuartion tw-api.txt in   TeXworks/config/configuration

.TW.i:=TW.information(null,"#INS#","•");  // null, "Title", "Information"
.TW.w:=TW.warning(null,"#INS#","•");  // null, "Title", "Warning"
.TW.q:=TW.question(null,"#INS#","•", ( 0x00004000 | 0x00010000 )
,0x00004000  );  // null,

And in the syntax-patterns.txt in TeXworks/config/completion

# EMCA QtScript

#  Comments

green	Y	\/\/.*

green   Y  \/\*.*\*\/

# api & functions
coral N .(*)

red N TW

blue N .app

limegreen N .target

mediumvioletred N [\"|\'](?:[A-Za-z@$#^_{}&0-9]+|.)[\'|\"]

Will we need a new section [QtScript] ?

I think .js and I think one other extension are used for QtScript

Appreciate anyt feed back before I get to advanced on this please.


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