[texworks] Problems with ctrl+A, ctrl+C and ctrl+V

Stefan Löffler st.loeffler at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 20:19:36 CET 2010


Am 2010-11-04 18:23, schrieb Peter Hertel:
> Hallo to all TW fans!
> I have reported a serious problem more than once, but did not receive
> an answer so far.  My computer, a normal laptop, runs Ubuntu 10.04.
> When I control-copy a certain text from an outside file and insert it
> into an open TeX file, it often happens that the copied text is
> inserted more than once, at different locations, and not only where I
> want it to appear. Up to now I could not detect a misbehavior pattern.
> Am I the only one who has this sort of problem? Your discussion on
> scripting appears rather marginal to me.

sorry, I was meaning to get back to you on your last mail, but it
apparently got buried below the piles of other new messages...
Anyway, I've been using Tw on Ubuntu for quite some time, and so far
haven't experienced such problems. A few general questions:
 * In one of your last mails, you wrote you're using Tw r.466 - is there
a particular reason you haven't updated to r671? Does it still occur
with r671?
 * Do you have any special keyboard setup/layout/...?
 * From your message's subject, I guess this happens with keyboard
 * Does it happen when using menu commands?
 * Does it happen when pasting selected text using the middle mouse button?
 * Does it happen with all applications/data?


PS re. scripting: this may seem marginal to you, but it has been a
fairly large focus since 0.2. As such, a lot of questions arise, which
generally are relatively easy to answer ;).

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