[texworks] Scripts: Exploration of TW objects

Paul A Norman paul.a.norman at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 10:52:10 CET 2010

Put this (the below) as a script, I called it tw_OBJECTS.js in a script folder.

Refresh scripts.

Position the cursor  in a New blank document in Tw.

And run the script.

Does the result suggest that all the found children can in some way be
slotted into and even **safely** called by QtScript?


//Title:  Experimental TW
//Description: Exploration of TW objects
//Author:  Paul A. Norman
//Version: 0.3
//Date:  2010-11-04
//Script-Type: standalone
//Context: TeXDocument
//Shortcut: Alt+T, Alt+W

// TW.information(null, "", TW.app.findChildren());

  study = TW.target.findChildren() +'';
  study = study.replace(/,/g,",\n")



//========== Results ===========

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